Shower Wall Tiles – Taking Off Shower Wall Tiles

Shower Wall Tiles

The exciting thing about decorating is that it enables you to flex creative muscles whenever you get a new idea. The not-so-exciting thing is it needs a lot of work. You may make a go of several jobs and save yourself a pretty penny in the process if you make use of a few tips from the professionals. Just how are shower wall tiles taken off?

Prior to starting any project ensure you have all the various tools you’ll need. The recommended resources are a utility knife, flat bar, chisel, plus a hammer. To keep you from getting cuts and eye injuries, secure yourself security goggles with side protection along with heavy duty mitts, specifically leather or even the like. If you plan to maintain exactly the same shower pan, put down some cardboard to help keep falling tile and tools from harming it.

Next, take out the shower head, shower handle, and cover plate. This task just involve removing several screws. So it is quite simple to accomplish.

Taking off Shower Wall Tiles

At this time, you can now start the whole process. Begin with the bullnose tiles around the end, placing the flat bar at an angle and lightly tapping against the underside of the tile. In that way, the tile should very easily come away. One way is to remove many of these end tiles first, then work your way inward. What about the tiles before the ceiling? Well, you do not wish to risk the tile pulling away and damaging the ceiling. So, employing a utility knife, make a cut across the grout where it connects to the ceiling. Doing this way, enables you to keep your ceiling un-damaged as you permit the tile to come away freely.

A few may recommend using a reciprocating saw and cutting through to the fibro sheeting then pulling the full tile set up away. Nevertheless this is harmful as you risk cutting through electrical and plumbing work which can be pricey and even cause damage.

The hammer method is thought to take between 30 minutes plus an hour.

That’s all there’s to getting rid of shower wall tiles. Do you want to purchase shower wall times? Do you require more details? Discover more about the top and most economical wall tile prices around by going to your local tile store or even a reputable tile factory outlet for even more assistance.

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