Travertine Pavers – Better Than Brick

Travertine Paver

Are you the type of person or family that loves the great outdoors? If so, travertine pavers can really give you that extra desire to be outside caring for your garden

There’s also the enjoyment you’ll experience while hosting your mates under in your travertine paved bbq area. It’s true that brick pavers are a very common option, but we would like to tell you straight that travertine pavers are much better. So it’s definitely worth look into before you complete your next outdoor paving project. Lets see why.

The first thing you will want to consider is how brick and travertine pavers are made. You will usually find that bricks are made from fired clay, mortar, cement, sand and water.

This is not a bad thing, and you will know that there’s a good reason why brick is so commonly used – because it works. But like we’ve mentioned, travertine is simply better.

While bricks are mass man made, travertine truly does come straight from the earth. How? Deposits of travertine limestone can be found in mineral and hot springs as a result of carbonate minerals solidifying in these bodies of water. Heating from the earth completes the process and we thus have the natural substance that will eventually be used on our homes.

So what else makes travertine pavers a better option than brick pavers? Since travertine comes straight out of nature and has possibly been there for thousands of years, it will keep its colour under the elements. Brick pavers can begin to fade and crack within a year or two.

Travertine pavers can also take on cold-hot cycles given that the travertine is high grade and because travertine has a natural coolness about it, you’ll more than likely be able to walk bare foot on them during the hotter months.

We are more than happy to tell you more about travertine pavers, so let us know what you want to know by posting a comment on or visiting our showroom.

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