Porcelain Stoneware – Full Body Porcelain Stoneware

Porcelain StonewareWant to extend your living area to the outdoors?  It’s easy with our latest porcelain product from Italy. Just continue with the same color tiles you have chosen for your internal living areas and choose a slip-resistant version for your outdoor areas. By doing this you achieve a fully co-ordinated contemporary look that will add value to your home.

We are now launching the MineralD series which are full body porcelain stoneware from one of Italy’s well known manufacturers Italgraniti. Available in colours of Zolfo – a soft cream colour and Rame – a soft mineral green and in sizes of 30ox30omm, 30ox60omm, 45ox45omm and soon in 60x60mm. This range is suitable to use for internal floors, bathroom walls and floors and extending the same tile in a slip-resistant finish to the outdoors.

Full Body Porcelain Stoneware

To achieve a natural stone look the latest digital technology has been used to create a veining pattern that makes each piece different thereby achieving a natural variation that is never repetitive. The colour and veins are well balanced creating an aesthetically rich and striking finish. The indoor version has an R10 rating and the anti-slip exterior surface has an R11 rating which allows you to continue the same look from inside to outside.

Why not add an interesting dimension by introducing a feature wall?  This product is great for cladding and makes a great feature wall. You can choose from two sizes, 30x30mm and 30x60mm.  You can also combine them to create further interest. Doing this will achieve a natural looking feature wall as the back drop for your extended outdoor living area.

We at outdoor tiles offer you the best selection of the latest products from around the world at the lowest prices in Sydney. Visit our showroom today and you will not be disappointed with the selection and our low pricing, even on Italian outdoor tiles.

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