Porcelain Tiles : Why Have Porcelain Tiles?

Learn More About Porcelain Tiles

Polished TilesIn the minds of many, the word “porcelain” might appear to be inseparably linked with the word “doll”. Minerals used to create a tough, white, impermeable substance is exactly what composes porcelains according to scientists. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are considered such due to their water absorption rate (0.5% or less) rather than because of their composition. Porcelain tiles have unique features which make them the tile of choice in a few areas. What exactly are they?

The Enduring Attractiveness of Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are full-body tiles, which mean the color or pattern is present through out the whole tile and not just on the surface. So how exactly does this preserve the good thing about the tile? Cracks are more visible if the color is just the glaze on the surface This is due to this glaze is abraded. However, since the color permeates the whole porcelain tile, abrasion and high traffic usually do not wear, damage, or dull the color or pattern, making the aesthetic appeal of your tile design nearly immortal. What else do porcelain tiles are offering?

Still It Is Strong Under Pressure

To generate porcelain tiles, the pressed dust technique is utilized. What about the stress? Just how much is utilized? About 6 thousand pounds per sq . inch. With such pressure, how can the tiles endure? It in facts ensures they are stronger, increasing their thickness. This, is turn makes them harder and much more durable.

Through the Fire

In addition to remaining steadfast under pressure, porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles, around 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the reason of their imperviousness and low water absorption. It is an advantage. Why?

Water and Porcelain Tiles

It will be ill-advised to make use of tiles having a high absorption rate, including wall tiles, outside where they’d receive wetness especially in areas susceptible to freezing. When moisture seeps into the minute fissures in the tile it later gets frozen, thereby expanding and cracking the tile. Use porcelain tiles now!

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