Ceramic Tiles : Italian Floor & Wall Tiles

Ceramic Tiles – Italian Floor & Wall Tiles

Italy is known for its colored ceramic and porcelain tiles which can be used as floor and wall tiles. Italy’s ceramic styles throughout the middle ages were based on the Islamic designs. The tiles being created at the moment had designs were hand painted and these tiles started being employed in constructions of that time. The attractive designs on these tile and also the quality finish, permitted the architects of the time to utilize these tiles not just in decorative fashion on the floors but were also utilized to decorate the walls and ceilings of buildings. They weren’t only used in public buildings but additionally much in demand in homes of this time.

Up to the 1800s these tiles were commonly decorated with scenes from the bible. They were employed by artists as a method to convey their art. The trend turned to geometric designs in the Nineteenth century and tiles with designs that incorporated this feature were produced. Since the time that the artisans began making ceramic tiles they kept developing new tactics and production processes to greatly improve these ceramic tiles.

The Italian tile industry soon implemented mass production in its manufacture of tiles as new methods were developed . Hand painted tiles could now be replicated by machines and manufactured in sizes to accommodate the requirements of the building industry. It has been difficult to find records of theses hand-painted styles because there are a wide variety of styles of them.

As of today Italian floor and wall ceramic tiles are produced both in big manufacturing facilities as well as little artisan units. They come in several colours and the smaller units still create hand painted artistic tiles with the same approaches which have been handed down through the generation and so are much popular because of their originality.

Italy is also known for its marble tiles. These tiles are available in various colours like white, black, green and even pink. These tiles are found in lots of public and commercial buildings as well as many homes. These Italian marble is renowned for the delicate veins built into its structure.

Italian floor and wall tiles aren’t the most affordable in the market, however, if the budget allows it, and you think about having a ceramic tiled floor or having your wall tiled. The wonder and originality of Italian Ceramic or porcelain tiles is incomparable to other kinds of ceramic tiles.

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