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Buy the best quality outdoor tiles at the best prices. Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by buying outdoor tiles directly imported from the top brands around the world. Choose from a wide variety of porcelain tiles, timber look porcelain tiles, travertine tiles and granite tiles. Be inspired, and own the outdoor space you love today!

Wall Tiles You Need to Know About

It’s true that you will not tile your entire wall area in your house, but for the areas you do, the tiles you choose will either make it or break it. So don’t underestimate the value of choosing the right wall tiles. When we think about the bathroom, these days most homeowners now opt to […]

Tile Cleaning – Learn More About Tile Cleaning

Tile cleansing is essential for great home cleanliness and it must be performed on a regular basis to increase the life of one’s tiles. In addition, it contributes the entire attractiveness of your decor. Why so? In the event the tiles use a textured or unequal surface as with the situation of mosaic tiles, it […]

Travertine Pavers – Better Than Brick

Are you the type of person or family that loves the great outdoors? If so, travertine pavers can really give you that extra desire to be outside caring for your garden There’s also the enjoyment you’ll experience while hosting your mates under in your travertine paved bbq area. It’s true that brick pavers are a […]

Shower Wall Tiles – Taking Off Shower Wall Tiles

The exciting thing about decorating is that it enables you to flex creative muscles whenever you get a new idea. The not-so-exciting thing is it needs a lot of work. You may make a go of several jobs and save yourself a pretty penny in the process if you make use of a few tips […]

Flooring – Setting a Subflooring for Floor Tiles

You are now ready to lay your Compressed Fibro to provide your tiles added support and prevent cracking and flexing. That normally happens after you have gathered your resources, taken off any base board, undercut your doorjambs and flattened your floor tiles with patch and leveler. Using your notched trowel, apply your polymer-modified thin-set mortar […]

Splash Back Tiles – Learn More About Kitchen Splash Back Tiles

Are you not interested in dedicating days to setting up high-end splash back tiles? Then you may find the following tips from the experts useful. Safety First You may want your splash back to enhance your kitchen, prior to starting your project turn off the power to all the walls you’ll be focusing on. In […]

Floor Tile – Preparing to Install a Subflooring for Floor Tiles

The high traffic areas of your house are recommended to utilize porcelain as well as ceramic floor tiles as they are a sturdy surface. It is vital to make a solid foundation for it before setting the tile. This is called ‘the flooring under the floor’ or perhaps the subflooring. The tile will not contract […]

Tiles – The Way To Set Them Up Ceramic Flooring

You’ve set the floor, laid the subflooring, and you are now anxious to get creative. Just like in the other two steps, you will need all the suitable equipments before laying your flooring. Tools of the Trade To Use You currently had most of the required tools in the other two steps. Having said that, […]

Grouting – Grouting Ceramic Floor Tiles

Twenty-four hours for the tile installation to dry up appropriately and you will then be all set to carry out the final step, grouting. You might need a rubber float and grout with this phase. You are able to decide on what matches your décor because grout will come in diverse colours. Additionally, you will […]

Bathroom Tiles – Tiling a Shower With Bathroom Tiles

Who says a shower is purely for sanitary purposes? Your shower can project individuality and magnificence with an aesthetic tile installment. Below are a few tips for preparing and installing bathroom tiles for your shower cubicle. Waterproofing Should Be Done First You need to waterproof your wall to prevent damage from the dampness that’ll be […]